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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's)

Posted: 3/1/16

Type: Full-Time



Performs a wide variety of patient care activities and to accommodate services for residents, as directed by the Head Nurse.

Qualifications: 1. A graduate of an approved school of practical nursing

2. Currently licensed in New York State to practice nursing as a Licensed
Practical Nurse.

3. Eligible for licensure in New York State by permit.

1. Performs assigned nursing procedures for the comfort and well being of residents.

2. Participation in nursing care to meet requirements of nursing care plan in concert with medical care plan to provide continuity care for each individual.

3. Most successfully complete the program of instruction offered at the Home in medications, administering and charting.

4. Dressed wounds, administers prescribed procedures, such as enemas, douches, treatments, special dressings, application of medicated creams etc.

5. Records patient findings in electronic medical record and reports all changes in patient/resident condition to supervisor.

6. Records routine resident care information in electronic medical records and prepares 24 hour report sheets according to guidelines.

7. Adjusts to changes and adapts to conditions in units and assignments as need arises.

8. Assembles and uses such equipment as catheters, tracheotomy tubes and oxygen supplies, enteral feeding supplies .

9. Records food and fluid intake and omission.

10. Assists physicians at bedside with medical treatment when necessary.

11. Delegates some nursing functions to ancillary personnel, i.e.: nurse aides, retaining responsibility of care.

12. Attends in-service programs when offered by own initiative or assignment and reports to head nurse or supervisor.

13. Identifies own needs in delivery of quality nursing care and reports to supervisor.

14. Demonstrates proficiency in prevention and control of infection, fire prevention and safety, disaster and preparedness, accident prevention as well as patient and resident confidentiality.

15. May assume responsibility of nursing unit under supervision of an RN.

16. Completes patient care record on a daily basis.

17. Responsible for completing data entry of nursing progress notes and patient ADL informatory documentation. Weekly general observation , baden scale, aims sheets, behavioral documentatiory etc in patient electronic medical record

Notes: Presbyterian Homes and Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer; EOE/AA.
Location: 4290 Middle Settlement Road. New Hartford, NY 13413

If you are interested in applying for this position, please stop by the Human Resource Department at the Presbyterian Home.

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