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Grounds Worker


Full time




MAIN FUNCTION:            Responsible for the upkeep of grounds at the Presbyterian Home, the Meadows and PRC campus wide coverage.  Cuts grass, trims hedges and trees, plants flowers, maintains flower beds, policies grounds of trash and debris.  Responsible for snow removal and insures that walks and building entrances are accessible and safe for passage.  Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all grounds equipment.  Will also perform semi skilled repairs in other trades.  Responsible for transportation, preventative maintenance duties and records.


REPORTS TO:                     Director of Building Services or designee


Cuts grass, trims hedges, trims trees, weeds and maintains flowerbeds and shrubs.  Polices grounds of trash and other debris.  Disposes of excess grass, leaves, weeds and branches.  Responsible for spring clean up of grounds, waters and fertilizes flowers, grass and shrubs.  Responsible for all grounds upkeep and preventative care for the Presbyterian Home, Meadows and PRC.

Responsible for the removal of snow and ice from walks, parking areas, roadway, stairs, entrances, fire hydrants and roofs.  All areas will be sanded or salted as needed.  All areas must be accessible and safe for passage.

Responsible for the upkeep, repair and inventory of all grounds equipment such as but not limited to:  lawn tractors, push mowers, bobcat, sweeper, trimmers, chain saw, tractor attachments, shovels, rakes and other assorted hand tools.

Responsible for the proper transportation of infectious waste to the incineration site.  Responsible for the record keeping that is associates with the infectious waste and its transportation.

Responsible for safe transportation of residents in the Adult Day Care program and for special transportation requests from other departments.  Responsible for the safety of others in you work location.  Responsible for the upkeep of the transport vans.

Responsible for proper use and care of all tools and equipment used.  Responsible for the safety of others in your work location.  Responsible for proper cleaning and storage of tools and equipment.

Responsible for semi-skilled repairs in mechanical, plumbing, masonry and carpentry.  The workmanship must meet building standards and insure that all safety, building regulations and coded are complied with.

Must have working knowledge of all building systems.  (heating-cooling-fire-water-telephone-emergency generator)

Responsible for the timely completion of all preventive maintenance duties as well as the coordination and the updating of all preventative maintenance records for the Presbyterian Home, Meadows and PRC.  This is to be done on a monthly basis.

Must possess a valid New York State driver’s license and be able to drive all Presbyterian Home vehicles and grounds equipment.  This includes but is not limited to:  cars, trucks, transport vans, lawn tractors, bobcat, and sweeper.  All equipment shall be operated properly and safely.



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Contact Information

Corina Chrystie, HR Manager