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Per Diem LPNs $28 per hour


Full time


The per diem team member is defined as a team member who works on an
"as-needed" basis, picking up shifts that are vacant after full-time and part-time team members have been scheduled for their regular hours. The per diem team member receives no benefits except statutory benefits and premium pay for holidays worked.  There are no guaranteed hours per week for per diem employees.

Any part-time or full-time Team Member whose status changes to a per diem status, shall, in effect, terminate his/her employment relationship as it affects non-statutory benefits and seniority.  Payout of any benefit time accrued will follow the current policy for voluntary termination, including notice requirements.


Per Diem pay scale:

Per Diem Positions scheduling requirements:

The per diem team member shall work no less than one 7.5 hour shift per pay cycle, and no less than one 7.5 hour weekend shift per calendar month. 


The per diem team member shall work at least one day per year during a holiday period*, unless exempt by the Director of Nursing when coverage in not needed. 


(For example, the per diem team member may work a Saturday in one pay cycle and a Friday in another pay cycle and meet the requirements for one calendar month) 


*A holiday period is defined as the period of time from day shift on the day before the holiday through the night shift on the day after the holiday.


Once a draft of the nursing schedule is completed for full- and part-time team members, the scheduler may reach out to per diem staff to offer any vacant shifts that are available. 

Once the per diem team member accepts a shift, failure to complete the shift will be considered an absence.   Absence for more than one shift every 60 days may result in termination of per diem status. 

Per Diem staff members who do not fulfill the minimum scheduling requirement for 60 days or more, will be considered voluntarily terminated.

A per diem team member cannot work more than 30 hours per pay period on a regular basis without prior approval/notification from scheduler to Human Resources.  Per Diem hours worked will be tracked by the Scheduling Office and Human Resources per pay period.

The payroll clerk will track minimum scheduling requirements each pay period for all per diem team members.

Exceptions for minimum scheduling requirements may be made by the Director of Nursing for team members enrolled in educational programs.

Per Diem team members will have a 40 hour overtime rule applied.

Per Diem team members are not exempt from any mandatory overtime rules applied at the nursing facility.

Per Diem team members are not eligible for the flex point program.

Per Diem team members are not eligible to serve as mentors.


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