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Home Health Aide (training provided)


Full time




Home Health Aides are unlicensed, non-professional workers who are supervised by health personnel.


The Home Health Aide is a member of the home health services team working under the guidance and supervision of an RN responsible for assessing needs of the residents, as well as working with other members of the team.  The Home Health Aides duties may be adjusted at the discretion of the supervising nurse based on the evaluation of the patient’s needs and the ability of the Home Health Aide to perform such tasks.  The Home Health Aide is expected to continue developing his/her skills and abilities in the function he/she performs.



Give personal care

Bath – bed, chair, tub, shower

Comb hair/shampoo

Denture, Mouth/care

Bed Making – Occupied/Unoccupied

Help with dressing

Help with walking

Transfer patient from bed to chair

Nail trimming/cleaning (unless diabetic or contraindicated by nurse)

Help with feeding – recording of intake as needed


Give special care assigned by RN or registered therapist


Special care to perinium and equipment of patient with a catheter

Assist patient with colostomy bag care

Help with exercises that have been demonstrated.

Accompany patient to medical care appointments

Help with use of appliances, i.e., wheelchair, walker, crutches, hearing aides, as demonstrated

Urinary Catheter irrigation

ASSIST ONLY with medication

Insertion of rectal suppositories

Installation of simple, routine eyedrops


This list is not exclusive but is indicative of those types of procedures in which a Home Health Aide may participate.  Each resident care plan will outline the exact procedures a Home Health Aide is expected to carry out for that individual.


Light housekeeping to maintain a healthful, safe environment

Laundry for patient

Wash dishes

Meal preparation – plan, prepare and serve regular and special diets as directed by nurse

Care of sick rooms, i.e. dusting, vacuuming, damp mopping

Assist with payment of bills

Shopping as directed on care plan


Promote the patient’s mental alertness through conversation, reading, games and other activities


Report any changes in patients mental or physical condition to the nurse responsible for the care of the



Give simple emotional and psychological support to the patient and other members of the household.


Record home visits on appropriate forms.



The Home Health Aide must successfully complete an approved training course to carry out assigned activities or have documented evidence of completion of an equivalency exam approved by NYSDOH.


Be 18 years of age, show maturity, emotional and mental stability


Shall be able to speak, read and write English, and speak the predominant language of residents


Understand and carry out directions and instructions, record messages and keep simple records


Sympathetic attitude towards providing services for residents


Have good physical health, as indicated by documentation in the personal file


Participate in 12 hours of in-service education per year as required by N.Y.S. regulations


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