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Director of Patient Services/Assisted Living Program (ALPS)


Full time





Assumes the responsibilities of the Administrator in the Administrators absence.

Recommend policy and procedures as needed to direct the safe and adequate care of each resident.

Review and approve residents for admission after review of the needs of the resident.

Admit only those residents for whom safe and adequate care can be rendered.

Perform Case Management duties of the ALPS as required by applicable regulations and resident needs. (See Case Management Policy).

Will assist the Administrator with the training of Home Health Aides (HHA).

Ensure that staff are assigned to resident care in accordance with training and experience.

Ensure that the same staff member provides care when possible.

Participate in the investigation and resolution of resident complaints.

Ensure that each resident is informed of Patient Rights, Adult Home and ALP Resident Rights and Resident Protections, upon admission to the LHCSA.

Evaluate staff service to residents to ensure safe and adequate care.

Schedule and lead resident care conferences 30 days after admission, every 6 months, and as needed, to plan resident care or resolve problems in organization or management of care.

Participate in the activities of the Quality Assurance Committee as assigned.

Collaborates with staff and Administrator to provide continuous updated information regarding resident’s needs and care.

Provide home health care services only with a written agreement providing for the duties and responsibilities of each party as well as additional requirements as described in the regulations.

Receives requests for information and service.

Supervises the Nursing Supervisor for the Adult Home/ALPS as well as the HHAs employed in the Adult Home and ALPS.

Provides monthly in-services for the staff in the Adult Home and ALPS on a monthly basis.

Assist the Administrator with destruction of controlled substances as scheduled.

Assist the resident and/or family with applying for Medicaid and/or SSI, if applicable.



  • Licensed Registered Nurse with a background in home care and/or care of the elderly preferred. Must possess a New York State Registered Nurse License.



  • Previous experience in home care or demonstrated ability to plan for resident’s home care needs.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities in management of the health care team.
  • Demonstrated care attitude towards those on need of care.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and evaluate staff.

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Contact Information

Corina Chrystie, HR Manager