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SUMMER LOVE - It's Never Too Late to Date

SUMMER LOVE - It's Never Too Late to Date

Summer Love

“It’s never too late to date”

     Community Wellness Partner’s showing of the documentary The Age of Love in April was an opportunity to showcase our commitment to change the experience and perception of aging.  It shined a light on our culture of growth, engagement and purpose for every person regardless of their age or level of living.  The film followed the adventures of thirty older adults in Rochester, NY as they navigated a first-of-its kind speed dating event for 70-90 year olds!  The purpose of the film was to challenge aging stereotypes and discover common ground among generations.  At Community Wellness Partners we believe in possibilities.  Every day we challenge the status quo about what it means to grow older in our society and create opportunities to live life to the fullest… hosting our very own “first-of-its kind” speed dating event right here in our community. 

     The Age of Love is also about possibilities.  It disrupts our pre-conceived ideas about what it means to grow older and how our feelings of romantic love, companionship and friendship change, or don’t, as we age.  Imbedded in the humor and entertainment value of the film is a powerful message that resonates with people across age groups.  We’re going to bring this idea to life as we invite you to participate in Community Wellnes Partners' speed dating event at Preswick Glen in August.  If you are 60 years old or older and are interested in the possibility of finding love, companionship or friendship please consider signing up for this event.  Space will be limited so please contact Sari @ 315-734-9586 to answer a few short questions and pre-register. 

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